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Angular Gearboxes

Angular Gearboxes

Angle gear units can be used for various applications. Key features of this product range is the angled construction, one bevel gear stage and the variety of installation options.

Because angle gearboxes constitute an important piece in the coupling of mechanical movements, the angle gearboxes are often used in conjunction with other drives. Examples include combinations of screw jacks, worm gear units and other types of gearboxes.

Hoek Tandwielkasten

squared or rounded housing

housing material: cast Iron

Hardened and grinded tooth class 6 for minimal sound and vibration levels

Simrit seals and NSK bearings.

ratio's of 0,5 up to 5.

Output torque 20Nm up to 430Nm.

Several shaft types and flanges are possible.

type shaft size
thermal power range 40 gr. C
nominal torque at  i=1 and n1=1400rpm
RA 2005 14 2,88 20,8
RA 2010 22 5,45 50,5
RA 2020 32 8,82 91,3
RA 2040 42 13 146
RA 2080 55 19,8 287
RA 2160 65 30,4 429

feet/housing and or flange mounting

hollow shaft, full shaft, shrink disc, etc.