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BLDC motors

BLDC motors, also known as brushless direct current motors are available to order at Euronorm in a variety of engine powers, rotation speeds, voltages and designs. The motors are standardized in accordance with IEC dimensions and are mainly available with B14a flanges or adapted for mounting on a reducer. The engine power ranges from 45 Watt up to 1500Watt.

The motors are mainly used in battery driven applications such as electric carts for greenhouses, but also in other mobile applications.

The main reasons for choosing BLDC motors are: no wear of carbon brushes, high efficiency and the presence of an encoder, making positioning a possibility by default.

Flanges and shafts in accordance with IEC.

Engine power from 45Watt up to >1kW

Simrit seals and NSK bearings.

Suitable to assemble with a variety of reducers.

Torque arm, foot / house mounting and flange design.

Hollow shaft, solid shaft, spline shaft, clamping bush.