Servo Motors

Servo motors

Euronorm Servo motors are black, square in shape and have a smooth casing. The servo motors can be equipped with a brake, special connectors for easy mounting and different types of encoders.

Within this program, the BT series servomotors are very compact and combines this with a smooth equal running even at low speeds. The BT2 and BT3 series has a greater range of torque and power and have a low inertia. Typical applications are in packaging machinery, textile machinery, robots, CNC machines, etc.

230V or 400V AC, permanent magnet, synchronous motor

very high power and density: much torque and power from a small compact motor

high efficiency >IE4, no cooling fan needed

peak power up to 9,5kW

material: permanent magnet FeNdB in rotor

6-pole and 8-pole types

different type of encoder and resolver possible

optional incl. 24Vdc brake

typepolesholding torque [Nm]output power
@3000rpm [kW]
BTS – 230V e 400V81,50,47
BPS – 230V e 400V82,10,49
BTE – 230V e 400V84,41,1
BPE – 230V e 400V851,25
BT1 – 230V61,90,55
BT2 – 230V e 400V67,51,51
BT3 – 400V623,54,4


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