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Single Phase Motors

Single-phase engines

Euronorm single phase motors are available from stock, competitively priced and high quality in both standard and high starting torque version. The product range is very extensive. The range IEC normalized single phase motors form the base of the 230V program which is held in stock. The motors are available in aluminum housing. The range single-phase motors/230V motors consist of the power range 0,12kW up to 2.2kW in size 63 up to 100.

The 230V motors are available with a running capacitor (and a starting capacitor). The latter has a two-fold starting torque, making this type of motor is suitable for applications that require much torque from the start. Examples include hoisting applications or conveyor belts that start under a heavy load.

Engine power from 0,12kW up to 2,2kW

Sizes 63 up to 100

Versions B3, B14a, B5 and combinations

Versions with running capacitor and starting capacitor

Higher capacitor values

Incl. holding brake or dynamic brake

Multi voltage/duo voltage

Incl. UL/CSA certificate

Euronorm holds a lot of electromotors in stock and can deliver quickly. There is a very large availability of various gear units and other related components for electromotors. Euronorm is also able to do modifications in their own workplace, assemble drive gears and paint in accordance with the wishes of the customer. All this within limited time and in stock.