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Special Electric Motors

Special Electric Motors

Depending on the application, you can choose an available industry standard or a customized motor. Situations where customization is recommended are:

The required lifetime can not be achieved with a standard motor.

The desired size and power or torque to be delivered are not feasible in the standard execution.

The environment is so challenging that adjustments are needed.

The amounts are so large that creating a tailored motor for the application is economical interesting.

Special motors can be designed in various ways, such as:

standard motor with some adjustments:

easy adjustments

higher IP-grade (sealing)

special coatings (also Marine coatings are available)

Special windings

Motor with radical changed specifications

undersiege motors

Water cooled motors

Motors with special dimensions

direct drives, high torque motors, fliftmotors and other specials.

For all these special motors, please contact Euronorm. Together with the customer all the required specifications are discussed and translated into an optimal design electric motor.