Helical-Worm Gearmotor

Helical-worm gearmotor

JRT S-serie

The Euronorm helical-worm gearmotor types JRT S series are competitively priced, high quality and assembled from stock conform customer demands.

The JRTS follows the industry standard for helical-worm gearmotor types. The JRT S series are well compatible with other major brands, are assembled from stock and are competitively priced.

Euronorm offers different versions of helical gearmotors, which are 1 on 1 interchangeable with SEW and other manufacturers.

Under the tab “product range” you will find a table with the maximum power, maximum nominal torque, shaft sizes and interchangeable alternative.

Foot-mounted, torque arm and flange-mounted.

Size 37 to 97 are made of cast iron.

Grinded helical gearing class 6 for minimal noise and vibration.

Simrit seals and NSK bearings.

Gear ratios from 7 to 280 and with prestage gearboxes up to i = 36,000.

Output torque from 90Nm up to 4.000Nm.

Powerratings from 0,06kW up to 22kW.

maximum Power [kW]nominal output Torque [Nm]solid shaft size [mm]hollow shaft size [mm]SEW alternative
JRT S373902020S37
JRT S4731702525-30S47
JRT S575,53003030-35S57
JRT S675,55203540-45S67
JRT S771112704550-60S77
JRT S872222806060-70S87
JRT S973040007070-90S97

Reactiearm, voet/huis montage en flensuitvoering.

Holle as, volle as, klembus.

The gearmotor range offers a variety of implementation options. For example, all types of geared motors can be provided with an outgoing flange and / or mounting feets. In addition, the gearmotors can be equipped with an IEC flange, hollow shaft with shrink disk, spline shafts, and more.

When a gearmotor with a very high transmission ratio is required, the gearmotor is equipped with an additional motor gearbox . This makes ratio's of over i=10.000 possible.

In addition to the options on the gearbox itself, also many options are possible for the electric motor. They can be equiped with several types of brake (AC braking, DC braking, dual DC braking for stagecraft) encoders in many shapes and sizes, external cooling, PTC or thermal contact, back stop and more.

The quality of the gearmotors is guaranteed by producing under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Delivered materials are also strictly controlled and selected on their proven quality. The use of A-brand parts such as NSK bearings and oil seals from Simrit, accurately machined parts and the use of precision hardened and ground gears (grade 6) ensure a long service life, minimal noise and high efficiency.

Euronorm keeps a lot of geared motors and parts on stock. Euronorm also has their own assembly workshop and paintshop.  Therefore they can ensure a quick and reliable delivery of customized gearmotors painted in various colours and coating systems (OS1, 2, 3, 4,).


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