Stainless Steel Gearmotor

Stainless steel gearmotor

complies with HACCP and EHEDG regulations

The stainless steel gearmotor is new in the Euronorm program. The reason is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the with HACCP and EHEDG regulations, while customers attach here more and more value.

With the stainless steel gearmotor of Euronorm one is able to make sound, but also cost technically responsible choices in terms of the hygienic drives.

Stainless Steel Gearmotors

The Euronorm Stainless Steel gearmotor is designed for the purpose of these guidelines. As a result, they withstand a thorough cleaning regimen, is made of hygienic components and blind spots and horizontal surfaces are as much as possible avoided. Of course, the material of these actuators stainless steel.

RVS motorreductor

The quality of the stainless steel gearmotors is guaranteed by producing only under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Supplied materials are also strictly controlled and selected on their proven quality.

Euronorm has years of experience in supplying several types of drives. Euronorm employees have thorough knowledge of the products and they are regularly trained.


JRT RESF37 flange 120

JRT RESF37 flange 160

JRT RESF37 flange 200



0,18kW up to 7,5kW.

also available: stainless steel encoders, electric motors, worm gearboxes and linear actuators.


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