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Agricultural Slewing Rings

Agricultural Slewing Rings

The sheet metal slewing rings / agricultural slewing rings are characterized by it’s simple design and practical approach. This causes a relatively low cost price compared to industrial slewing rings.

The sheet metal slewing rings are resistant to axial loads, and can do limited tilting moment. It can also be cut out with a toothing in the sheet metal.

Steel slewing rings / agricultural slewing rings often are used in agricultural machinery and mobile applications.

No teeth, inner teeth or outer teeth

Material: sheet metal (steel)

From 300mm up to 1100mm and on request even larger.

Bouwvormen: flens buiten zijde - flens buitenzijde en flens buitenzijde - flens binnenzijde

ball diameter diameter
Type of type tracks minimum maximum
flange -flange -U type – no teeth L-M-P 1 300 1100
flange -flange -U type – outer teeth LM/D 1 407 606
flange -flange – no teeth ZN-ZD 1 400 1100
flange -flange -U type – teeth optional I90 1 1000 1200