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Big Gear Ring

Big Gear Ring

The big gear ring can be produced by casting and or forging. In addition, various types of finishing methods and classes are possible. Euronorm big gear ring products based on customer drawings.

Due to the constant high quality and competitive pricing is the Euronorm ring gear and large gears are very suitable to apply in machines, mobile technologies and manufacturing processes.

The big ring gear quality is guaranteed by prodcing only under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Supplied materials are also strictly controlled and selected on their proven quality.

Euronorm has years of experience in supplying big slewing gear and other drive components. Euronorm employees have thorough knowledge of the products and they are regularly trained.

Internal teeth or external teeth

Mn50, 42CrMo4, AISI304, AISI 316, etc.

From 200mm up to 2500mm and larger

Optional hardened and tempered teeth

teeth class 8 and 6 are available (DIN 3961)

Casting or forging

turning, milling, drilling and/or grinding

A big Gear Ring is produced according to customer demands. Therefore there are no downloads available.