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In order to come to a complete solution, it may be necessary to add accessories to the gear unit. These are subdivided into accessories that make it easier to assemble / mount the gear unit such as flanges, outgoing shafts and torque arms.

There are also accessories that add a second reduction. These may be needed in order to achieve the desired very low rotation speed, but also to choose a stronger torque or just whether or not to be self-locking. In addition, variable speed gears are also available. The rotation speed can be varied with this without the need for a frequency inverter.

Torque arms

Outgoing flanges

Single and double outgoing shafts

PC-pre-stage / IEC B5 in- & outgoing with 1stage compact reduction

FXA-pre-stage / IEC B14a in- & outgoing with 1stage compact reduction

Mechanical variator