Worm gear reducers with IEC input

Worm gear reducers with IEC input

Worm gearbox JRSTD series

The JRSTD series worm gearboxes have a motor flange and a hollow input shaft. As a result, it easy to mount IEC standardized motors on the worm gear reducers. The available flanges are of the type B5 (large flange with bottomless holes, for nut-bolt assembly), and B14a (small flange, wherein the reducer flange is mounted with bolts on the threaded holes of the motor flange).

Furthermore, special flanges are also available for hydraulic motors (i.a. OMM, OMP and OMR) as well as square flanges for servomotors and brushless DC motors.

Sizes from 25 up to 150.

Torques of 14Nm up to 3.000Nm.

Output shaft sizes from 11mm up to 50mm.

Input flanges from 56B14a up to 160B5.

Ratios from i = 7.5 up to i = 100.

Housings from sizes 30 up to 90 are made of aluminum. Housings of 110, 130 and 150 are made of cast iron.

Sizes 30 up to 90 are filled with synthetic oil and appropriate for all mounting positions. Sizes 110-150 are provided with mineral oil and a breather.

Material wormgear: bronze Cu Sn12 Ni2 (UNI7013-10), material worm shaft hardened steel and ground profile ZI (UNI4760).

Load capacities in accordance with: ISO.14521, DIN.3996, BS 721, AGMA 6034, ISO 6336, DIN 3990, DIN 743, ISO 281.

Coating: sizes 30 up to 90 with powder coating, 110-150 features single-component sprayed paint.

A variety of pre-stage reducers are possible.

Protective cover for output shaft, torque arm, output flange, torque limiter, special oils, ATEX version, reinforced bearings, etc.

RANGEOutput shaft sizeM2 maxRatiosAlternative MotovarioAlternative STM


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