Heavy Duty Gearboxes

Heavy Duty Gearboxes

The Euronorm heavy duty gearboxes are modular designed. Therefore there are different ratios and various mounting options possible. Heavy Duty gear units have been developed with very reliable operation and high efficiency in mind.

Through years of experience, Euronorm has acquired knowledge in and across many sectors. This includes heavy industry and water purification plants but also generative applications. The product offer of the Heavy Duty Gearboxes ranges from standard products to customized solutions.

Heavy Duty Tandwielkasten

Sizes from 5 up to 20

Torques from 11.000 up to 350.000 Nm

Vermogens vanaf 4kW tot 4300kW

Haakse uitvoering en parallelle uitvoeringen

Diverse uitgaande as typen

Vertragingen van 1:1,25 tot en met 1:450

Extra koeling voor een hogere thermische belastbaarheid

Speciale lageruitvoeringen (druklagers voor extruders)

typenkleinste igrootste imaximaalmaximaal
koppel [kNm]vermogen [kW]
JRHH/JRHB 51,25450/40011750
JRHH/JRHB 68450/40014,5208
JRHH/JRHB 71,25450/40020,51250
JRHH/JRHB 88450/40025,5361
JRHH/JRHB 91,25450/400342100
JRHH/JRHB 108450/40043574
JRHH/JRHB 111,25450/400603100
JRHH/JRHB 128450/40075947
JRHH/JRHB 131,25450/400883700
JRHH/JRHB 148450/4001091318
JRHH/JRHB 151,25450/4001534100
JRHH/JRHB 167,1450/4001731937
JRHH/JRHB 171,25450/4002004300
JRHH/JRHB 187,1450/4002402500
JRHH/JRHB 191,25450/4003004300
JRHH/JRHB 207,1450/400345


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