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DraaikranslagersThe Euronorm slewing ring bearing program consists of various solutions. Typically, of course, is that all the slewing ring bearing products are able to withstand great axial loads and depending on the type also are well suited to absorb tilting moment (tilting forces).

Slewing rings are available in industrial models, in which the rings are made from forged steel and wherein hardened ball tracks are implemented. For less demanding applications, there are also slewing ring bearings made of sheet metal steel. These are usually well resistant to axial force but are not suitable for tilting moments.

There are also casted steel versions available for specific applications. Herein a compromise is found between by having a higher quality than the sheet metal models and also lower costs than the high-end industrial slewing ring bearing products.

Features slewing ring bearing:

No toothing, internal toothing or external toothing

Various types of steel: i.a. Mn50, 42CrMo4, cast iron, sheet steel, stainless steel, etc.

Standard toothing and hardened toothing

Integrated drive unit / worm reducer

Normal clearance and prestressed bearings

from 250mm up to 2500mm and greater on request

Single row or of double row ball tracks

Balls or barrels

Incl. certificates (optional)

industriele draaikranslagers

Industrial slewing ring bearings are available from stock in the designs with external toothing …

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Slewing drives are slewing ring bearings with an integrated drive unit (usually a worm reducer), which can …

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Large gears and / or slewing rings are manufactured from forged steel or cast steel on the base of…

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The slewing rings are well suited for use in machines, mobile technologies and production processes due to the constant high quality and competitive pricing. The quality of the drive unit is guaranteed by exclusively producing under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Delivered materials are also thoroughly inspected and selected on their proven quality. Using finely machined parts and application of precision hardened and ground ball tracks guarantee a long service life, minimal noise and high efficiency.

Euronorm holds a lot on stock and can deliver quickly. There is a very large availability of various slewing ring bearing products and other gear units . Euronorm is also able to do modifications in their own workplace, assemble drive gears and paint in accordance within the wishes of the customer. All this in a limited time and from stock available.


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