Stainless Steel Electric Motors

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your machine to meet the HACCP and EHEDG regulations, while your customers value this regulations more and more.

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Stainless Steel Electric Motors

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With the EURONORM stainless steel motor you are able to meet the requirements, but also keep the cost responsible.

The Euronorm stainless steel electric motor has been designed for the purpose of these guidelines. As a result, they withstand a thorough cleaning regimen, is made of hygienic components and are also blind spots and horizontal surfaces as much as possible avoided. Of course, the material of these motors is stainless steel.

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Gear size: 63 ~ 90
RPM: 900 ~ 3000 rpm
Power: 0,18 ~ 7,5 kW
Torque range: 0,5 ~ 15 Nm
Shaft size: 11 ~ 28 ø mm