Hypoid Reducer JKM

The JKM hypoid type gear units have a motor flange, and a full input shaft. This makes it easily possible to IEC standard motors to be mounted in combination with a flexible coupling to the reducer.

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The flanges available are of the type B5 (large flange having through-holes, for nut-bolt assembly), and B14a (small flange, wherein the flange is mounted on the threaded holes of the motor flange with a bolt).

Furthermore, special flanges are also available for hydraulic motors (include OMM, OMP and OMR) as well as square flanges for servomotors and brushless DC motors.

When the flange is omitted, the whole input shaft may also be driven with a hand wheel or a rotating shaft.

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Gear size: 28 ~ 58
Ratio: 7,5 ~ 300
Torque range: 10 ~ 500 Nm
Power: 0,12 ~ 2,2 kW
Shaft size: 20 ~ 40 Ø mm