Worm Gearbox JRST
with solid input shaft

The JRST series are worm gear reducers with full input shaft. The input torque of the worm shaft can take place with the aid of a hand wheel, or with a rotating drive shaft which is connected via a coupling.

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Worm Gearbox JRST with solid input shaft

Product Info

In addition, a second shaft end is also possible. This makes it possible to link several drives for a synchronized movement.

Due to the square design, it is possible to simply mount this worm gearbox on the bottom, side or top. In addition, it is also possible to mount the gearbox by means of an output flange or a torque arm.

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Gear size: 25 ~ 150
Ratio: 5 ~ 100
Power: 0,12 ~ 15 kW
Torque range: 5 ~ 2.000 Nm