Worm Gear Reductor TYPE JRSTDB

Wormwielreductoren met volle ingaande as & IEC aanbouw flens. The worm gear units JRSTDB series are equipped with a continuous worm shaft. For example, an extra coupling can be mounted on this shaft to drive the worm gearbox.

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Worm Gearbox jrstdb

Product Info

The table describes the product range with torques, transmissions and shaft sizes.

Additional options for the JRSTDB series include:

  • Input IEC flange B14a and B5 in multiple sizes
  • Output flange in multiple sizes
  • Output solid or hollow shaft or shrink disk
  • IP66W

Consult the catalog or the product portal to find a suitable variant for your issue.

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Gear size 25 ~ 150
Ratio 5 ~ 100
Power 0,12 ~ 15 kW
Torque range 5 ~ 2.000 Nm