Hypoid reducer

Hypoid reducer

JKM-serie – Hypoid reducer

The JKM hypoid type gear units have a motor flange, and a full input shaft. This makes it easily possible to IEC standard motors to be mounted in combination with a flexible coupling to the reducer. The flanges available are of the type B5 (large flange having through-holes, for nut-bolt assembly), and B14a (small flange, wherein the flange is mounted on the threaded holes of the motor flange with a bolt).

Furthermore, special flanges are also available for hydraulic motors (include OMM, OMP and OMR) as well as square flanges for servomotors and brushless DC motors.

When the flange is omitted, the whole input shaft may also be driven with a hand wheel or a rotating shaft.

Sizes from 28 up to 58.

Output torques from 120Nm up to 500Nm.

Motor power from 0,12kW up to 4kW.

Output shafts of 20mm up to 40mm.

Input flanges 63B5, 71B14a up to 112B5.

Reduction ratios of i=7,5 up to i=300.

Die cast aluminium housings

Aluminum / grey coated powder coating

RANGEmotor sizesoutput shaft sizesT2 maxreduction ratiosworm gearboxes alternatives ENworm gearboxes alternativesworm gearboxes alternatives STM
JKM2863-9020, 24 en 251207,5-300JRSTD50NMRV50UMI50
JKM3863-9025 en 282007,5-300JRSTD63NMRV63UMI63
JKM4863-11228, 30 en 353507,5-300JRSTD75NMRV75UMI75
JKM5863-11235, 38 en 405007,5-300JRSTD90NMRV90UMI90

Hypoid gear units are characterized by having the mounting position and dimensions of the JRSTD / NMRV types of gearboxes, whereas they have on the inside a hypoid (a type of bevel gear) teeth. As a result, the following benefits are achieved:

High static and dynamic efficiency (92-94%).

Higher output torque (50% more) from the same frame housing size as worm gearboxes.

The modular design allows changing the shaft easily to different optional sizes.

Excellent compatibility with worm gearboxes type NMRV and / or JRSTD.

Very large range of transmission ratios due to the 2 and 3 stage design with i=7,5 up to i=300.

specifications of a bevel geared motor with a pricing of a worm gearbox.


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