Stainless Steel Worm Gearbox

Stainless Steel Worm Gearbox

Comply with HACCP and EHEDG regulations

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your machine to meet the HACCP and EHEDG regulations, while your customers vulue this more and more. The stainless worm gearbox drive program EURONORM enables you to stay cost effective but meet tcustomer demants.

The Euronorm stainless steel worm gearbox types are designed to meet the guidelines. As a result, they are resistant to a thorough cleaning regime, is made of hygienic components and are also dead spots, and horizontal surfaces as much as possible, avoided. Of course, the material of these products is stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Worm Gearboxes

Output torques of 40Nm up to 160Nm.

Output shaft sizes of 18mm up to 25mm.

Input flanges 63B14a up to 90B5.

Reduction ratios of i=7,5 up to i=100.

Food grade oil, food grade seals and hygienic design.

Material worm wheel: Cu bronze SN12 Ni2 (UNI7013-10), material hardened steel worm shaft and ground profile ZI (UNI4760).

Belastingscapacitieiten conformity: ISO.14521, DIN.3996, BS 721, AGMA 6034, ISO 6336, DIN 3990, DIN 743, ISO 281.

The stainless steel worm wheel gearboxes that are now available are from stock are available in the following sizes:

RANGEoutput shaft sizeM2 maxreduction ratios


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