Electric motors

Electric motors

ElektromotorenThe Euronorm electric motors program is competitively priced, of high quality, available from stock and can be adapted to the requirements of the customer . The extensive range of IEC-standard three-phase motors forms the base of the electric motor product offer which is in stock. The motors are available in aluminum or cast iron housing. Many electric motors are assembled with Euronorm reducers, this allows you to receive the entire drive unit from one company. Euronorm also has its own engineering department and extensive workshop facilities which develops and produces special electric motors.

Characteristics electric motors:

Sizes from IEC 56 up to 500

power range from 0,06kW up to > 2MW

UL/CSA, Ship certification, deviating voltages, etc

Single-phase AC, three-phase (a)synchronous, servo, BLDC, PMDC, etc.

IP20, IP54, IP55, IP56, IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69K

1Fase Elektromotoren

A  single-phase electric motor can be directly connected to the electricity grid…

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3-phase asynchronous motors are the most widely used motors in the world. Euronorm has a wide range of…

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Brake motors are available in single-phase, three-phase asynchronous, BLDC, PMDC and servomotors…

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Speciale Elektromotoren

Euronorm has extensive experience in adapting standard motors and the development of special motors…

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Rvs Elektromotoren

Selecting Euronorm stainless steel electric motors means choosing for extremely well sealed and easy to clean…

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Atex Elektromotoren

Atex environment? Euronorm has a wide range of electric motors available for…

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DC motors are greatly advancing due to the growth in battery-operated drive units on mobile…

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Powerful, compact, low inertia, smooth rotation at low speeds are some of the characteristics of the servomotors…

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The motors can also be equipped with various options such as brakes (AC brake, DC brake, double brake for theater applications, ATEX brakes and more), as well as other options such as increased IP ratings, anti-condensation, PTCs or Thermo contacts, special bearings, external cooling, marine / ship design, coatings, fully closed versions and more. One of the latest developments is the submersible drive unit. This drive unit is capable of running entirely under water to a depth of 30 meters and mainly finds its application in the dredging and the sand and gravel acquiring-industry.

The power of the electric motors of Euronorm range from 0,06kW up to 500kW, the rotational speeds range from 400 up to 3000rpm. The motors with frequency invertors have rotational speeds of 0 up to 6000rpm.

The sizes that are standard in stock include 56 – 63 – 71 – 80 – 90 – 100 – 112 – 132 – 160 – 180 – 200 – 225 – 250 – 280 – 315 and 355.

The rise in the internationalization among the customers of Euronorm has led to the increased demand for AC motors with different voltages and certifications. To provide the best service for its clients, Euronorm Drive Systems has stocked up on a wide range of three-phase motors for the North-American market. These motors are suitable for 208V60Hz and/or 460V60Hz. These motors are of course provided with a UL/CSA certificate.

Euronorm holds a lot of electric motors on stock and can deliver quickly. There is a very large availability of various gear units and other related components for electric motors. Euronorm is also able to do modifications in their own workplace, assemble gearmotors and paint in accordance with the wishes of the customer. All this within limited time and from stock.


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