Electric Compact Motor

The compact motors are suitable for realizing a compact drive. These motors are mounted directly on the gearbox without the need for an intermediate flange, this saves space and ensures a compact drive system.

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Product Info

The compact motors are suitable for mounting on the JRT series gear units. Additional options for the compact engines include:

  • Brake (24 VDC or 230 VAC)
  • Various coating and color options
  • IP66W
  • Encoders
  • Temperature protection
  • Active cooling or heating

Consult the catalog or the product portal to find a suitable variant for your issue.

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Gear size: 63 ~ 250
RPM: 900 ~ 3000 rpm
Power: 0,12 ~ 45kW
Torque range: 0,5 ~ 500 Nm
Shaft size: 10 ~ 60 ø mm