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Three-phase Motor

Three-phase engine

Type: three phase motor

Three-Phase motors / AC motors of Euronorm are competitively priced, high quality and available from stock. The extensive range of IEC-standard AC motors form the base of the three-phase electric motor program that is in stock. IEC motors are available in aluminum or cast iron housing.

Euronorm also has its own engineering department and extensive workshop facilities which develop and produce special electric motors. The asynchronous motors range consists of, three-phase motors, three-phase brake motors, ATEX electromotors,
Multi-speed / pole-changing motors and special electric motors.

Next to electromotors, Euronorm also has access to a wide range of gearboxes and other components to complete the drive mechanism.

Motor power 0,06kW up to >2MW

Idling speed at 50Hz from 350rpm (16pole) up to 2800rpm (2-pole)

Voltage: 200V50Hz, 208V60Hz, 230V50Hz, 230V60Hz, 265V60Hz, 400V50Hz, 460V60Hz, 575V60Hz and more

Certificates: CE, UL/CSA, LLOYDS, ABS, CCS, etc.

Sizes IEC 56 up to 450

Brakes: AC-brake, DC-brake, double brake for theater applications, ATEX brakes and more.

Anti-condensation heating, PTCs of thermocontacts, special bearings, external cooling, coatings, etc.

IP ratings: IP20, IP54 IP55, IP56, IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K

The increased internationalization among the customers of Euronorm has led to the increased demand for AC motors with different voltages and certifications. To provide the best service for its clients, Euronorm Drive Systems has stocked up on a wide range of three-phase motors for the North-American market. These motors are suitable for 208V60Hz and/or 460V60Hz. These motors are of course provided with a UL/CSA certificate.

Euronorm keeps a lot of asynchronous motors in stock and can deliver quickly. Aside from that there is a very large availability of various reducers and other electric motors related components. Euronorm is also able to do modifications in their own workplace, assemble drive gears and paint in accordance with the wishes of the customer. All this within limited time and in stock.